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On this page you will find a brief description of what the courses and retreats are and then a catalog of all the courses, seminars and retreats offered by the Advaita Atma Yoga Academy.

At the moment, only online courses are available.

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The online courses focus on a specific topic and inspire a study together with a contemplative and experiential investigation of the subject. This, together with the question and answer sessions, aims to clarify important issues related to the subject and in a correct and deep understanding of it, as well as to understand its importance in spiritual practice and development and its practical implications in daily practice.

You will be able to deepen your knowledge in Advaita Atma Yoga, the holistic method of practice founded by Atman Nityananda.

In addition the courses focus on specific practices by which you can develop the capacities related to the course and which are the means to grow spiritualy.

The courses depending on the purpose and the topic may have different duration and assume a form such as simple, intensive. Their duration may be, for example, one day, one weekend, one weeklong and four weekends. The duration and type of the course is indicated in the registration instructions of each scheduled course.


Atman retreats focus on the intensive practice of meditation and self-inquiry. Thus, in the retreats you have the opportunity to devote yourself completely to meditation and self-inquiry, but also to other important practices such as mantra repetition.

The practice sessions are accompanied by presentations related to these fundamental practices and Q&A sessions. During these sessions you will have the opportunity to ask your most intimate spiritual questions and reflect on them in favorable conditions. You can also clarify doubts related to the practices of meditation and self-examination and guidance will be provided to address issues related to their practice.

Retreats also give us the opportunity to relax from stress, rejuvenate our energy and replenish our energy reserves.


The intensive courses and retreats are for students committed to inner transformation and spiritual awakening and to living as much as they can from their essence. That is, to live in the freedom, love, peace and fullness of Being.

Premium Series
Self-guided courses

Premium are series of videos and podcasts (or mixed) dedicated to a specific topic of spirituality, Non-Duality, Self-Knowledge, Yoga, holistic spiritual psychology and related practices.

Premium Series are a type of self-guided courses based mainly on videos and podcasts, but may also contain texts and posts related to the topic presented.

That is, topics related to inner transformation and inner growth, Self-Knowledge, getting rid of all identifications, dissolution and liberation from desires, attachments, egoic tendencies and lower emotions, living consciously moment by moment, Self-awareness, meditation, Self-enquiry, awakening of consciousness and Self-realization.

In these presentations you will find the essential knowledge and practices related to the topic of the course, so that you have a clear understanding and orientation and can practice on your own.

Some of the Premium Series courses may also include the opportunity to ask questions about the doubts you need to clarify so that they are understood correctly. The questions will be answered and presented in a video or podcast that will be added to the seminar content.

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Catalog of Courses

Follows a catalog of the courses, self-guided courses and retreats offered by the Advaita Atma Yoga Academy.

A brief description of the course content can be found at the specific page of each course

Clicking on the the course title will take you to the specific course page in question. .

  1. Non-duality (Advaita Vedanta)
    • Our True Self and the apparent self
    • Mindfulness and Self-Awareness
    • Self-awareness, Non-identification, Self-observation
  2. The Spiritual Practice (Sadhana)
    • The S.C.A.I.P.. Method
    • Meditation and Self-Inquiry
    • The Repetition of God’s Name and Mantras
    • Freedom from anger. Anger management and dissolution
    • The dissolution of egoic tendencies.
    • Creating positive and soul elevating habits
  3. Holistic Spiritual Psychology
    • The Anatomy of the Mind (listen to the Podcast)
    • A holistic approach to stress and emotion management
    • The quest of happiness (On pleasure, success, happiness and bliss divine)
    • The Anatomy of Ego and Desire
    • Emotional Intelligence
  4. Spirituality and Sexuality

Extended Course
The awakening of Consciousness and inner transformation


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