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Meetings dedicated to our true nature (Consciousness, Atman). According to the sages, Satsang is the most powerful means for inner transformation and spiritual awakening.

Participating in online meetings (Satsangs) is an ideal way to enhance the fire of aspiration for truth and freedom and practice.

All you need is a stable Internet connection and a device.

Heart to heart meetings, based on Knowledge, experience and
Truth, Simplicity and Love!

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The benefits

Participating in online Meetings (Satsang) reinforces your aspsiration for spiritual life and practice.

Satsangs will help you to develop your understanding and discernment and get in touch with the silence space of Consciousness (your essence) that is freedom, fullness and peace.

To clarify questions that may be hindering your spiritual growth and your daily effort to live consciously moment by moment.

They are meant to help you make a detailed and deep inquiry into yourself, discern your true Self (Consciousness, Atman) from the apparent self (body, mind, ego) and become aware of your divine essence, the silent space of Consciousness.

The Satsangs will also help you to realize the importance of living moment to moment with attention and awareness of your divine essence and to learn methods to do so.

About the Satsang

”Sankara has said that in the three worlds there is no ship as safe as Satsang to carry you across the ocean of births and deaths.”
– Ramana Maharshi

Satsang are encounters dedicated to our Divine nature* (Consciousness), which is eternal Freedom, Peace and Bliss- and also to spiritual practices for inner transformation and awakening of Consciousness.

Note: *Our divine nature: It is also called Essence, Spiritual Essence, Being, Intimate Being, Divine Being, Spirit, Soul, the inner Light, the empty and luminous inner space…

The highest Satsang and the most potent means of dispelling ignorance and transforming ourselves is considered to be in the presence with realized beings. The magnetic aura of a realized sage can uplift our Consciousness and transform our mind and heart. This does not mean that spiritual practice (sadhana) is not necessary. However, the practice becomes very effective when practiced in the presence of a realized sage.

In Satsang you will receive knowledge about our true nature (Self, Spirit, Soul, etc.), the nature of the mind and the ego, the spiritual life and the practices for the development and inner transformation, the dissolution of the egoistic tendencies, the practices of self-inquiry and meditation.

Through focused attention, self-observation, self-inquiry, contemplation, and discernment we can achieve more and more insight into the nature of the ego, the nature of the mind and its functions as well as its patterns. mental and emotional and our true nature.

The ultimate goal of self-inquiry is to discern your true nature from mind and ego itself and to become aware that you are consciousness itself and not the body, mind, and ego that you think you are, due to identifications with them.


Participation info

Joining the meeting room

The meeting link is activated approximately 30 minutes prior to the start time so you can join early to test youe mics and cameras and get familiar with the platform functions. Please keep the microphones turned off when the meeting starts.

Welcoming and meditation

Meetings begin with a welcoming and α brief meditation (10-15′ minutes) for relaxing body and mind and focusing in taje present moment.


Meditation is followed by a short introduction on our true nature and other relevant topics such as Self-awreness, living in the now, attachment, happiness and freedom.

The most essential theme of the Satsangs is the inquiry into our essence and our apparent self. The inquiry is the most powerful means to realize that that we are not the body, thoughts, emotions and the other elements of the apparent self and to recognize our true nature (the silent presence within).


Introduction is followed by a question and answer dialogue between Atman and participants.

In this part there is space to ask questions and clarify doubts about our essential nature (Self, consciousness, the silence presence), the mind or anything related to the practice of living self-aware, attentive and stop identifying with the mental-emotional reactions and the sensory stimuli and situations.

The objective of the dialogue is to resolve the doubts of the questioner and those who have the same concerns and not an exchange of opinions with the presenter or among the participants.

Other important questions are related to the difficulties that the mind and ego create in recognizing, deepening and attuning to the silent realm of awareness within us. In this spirit, and depending on the issue, simple practical ways can be given to be applied for a few minutes. This is intended to help in understanding the subject or learning a method to develop self-awareness or other essential skills to live consciously and overcome the resistances and difficulties that the mind and ego present to live with self-awareness, self-observation and detachment.

Other essential topics are those related to practices or methods that can help us to enter into conscious contact with the silent presence within, to avoid or stop identifying with the mind (thoughts, feelings, etc.) and remain focused on the now, as conscious witnesses of the mind and sensory perceptions.

Brief meditation and farewell

The meeting ends with a 3′ minute meditation and a farewell.

Participation and presence

All participants are requested to respect the attendances and time so that everyone can benefit from the meeting in the best possible way.

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