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Atman’s Project

Atman’s project core objective is
the growth of conscious and harmonious people
and a harmonius world!

Atman Nityananda’s aspiration is to help human beings to become aware of their divine essence, transform their minds and hearts and become beings of harmony, peace, love and light.

This aspiration of Atman will be realized at first through his Spiritual Academy project, called Advaita Atma Yoga Academy (A.A.Y.A). The activities of the Academy will initially be carried out through the Internet (Online) and digital platforms.

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Atman’s core insight is that spirituality is the essence of life and our heritage and everyone should have the opportunity to receive knowledge and education without financial worries.

Atman Nityananda feels and is convinced that education and training related to Spirituality, Self-Knowledge and Yoga should be accessible to all aspirants irrespective of their financial status. That all who aspire to Self-Knowledge and Spiritual life and practice should have the opportunity to participate in classes, courses and training with little or no money for those who cannot.

Obviously, this can be achieved when a sufficient number of members-patrons support the project and there is money to carry out all the activities.

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By supporting Atman’s project with a regular (monthly) donation, even if it is just a small donation at the price of a coffee, you help the aspirants to participate in the Academy’s programs, to transform themselves and work for a new golden age of humanity.

By supporting the project of Atman you participate in the plan of life for the awakening of consciousness and healthier, more conscious, harmonious, free and happy human beings.


The Power of Unity

Power is in Unity. Many people with a small donation can make the difference.

Your small donation combined with that of many others, will help Academy flourish and will make it easy for many aspirants to attend the classes without financial worries.

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It is really wonderful that with such a small amount you can help more and more people to rise to a higher level of consciousness and find peace, love, harmony, fulfillment and happiness in their lives.

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Atman Nityananda shares his experience, knowledge and understanding with you through a variety of means, and especially through social media.


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