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Advaita Atma Yoga Academy

Atman’s aspiration & project

Atman Nityananda’s aspiration is to help human beings become aware of their divine essence, transform their minds and hearts and become beings of harmony, peace, love and light.

Atman’s project core objective is about
the growth of conscious and harmonious people!


Contents of this page

  1. The main objectives of Atman’s project
  2. Advaita Atma Yoga Academy
  3. The Academy’s Classes
  4. The Contents of Academy’s classes
  5. Registration to the Academy
  6. The method Advaita Atma Yoga

The objectives of the project

1. Harmonious and conscious people. To help the growth of healthy, conscious, harmonious, peaceful and happy human beings and, consequently, a more peaceful, harmonious and prosperous world.

2. To create a humanitarian center. The center will have 3 fundamental pillars. 1. Healing, 2. Spirituality and 3. Education. Healing of body and mind, Spiritual development and Education in natural healing and psychology. The No-dual Spiritual Academy called Advaita Atma Yoga Academy (A.A.Y.A) is the core and foundation of this project.

3. Participation to the Academy’s classes and activities. To give all interested aspirants the opportunity to attend the Academy’s classes and activities without worrying about fees.

This aspiration of Atman will be realized at first through his Spiritual Academy project, called Advaita Atma Yoga Academy (A.A.Y.A). The activities of the Academy will initially be carried out through the Internet (Online) and digital platforms.

Advaita Atma Yoga Academy

The Academy will offer a variety of courses, seminars and conferences on topics related to Non-Duality, Spirituality, Self-Knowledge and Yoga.

The two essential activities of the Academy are the Extended Course and the Academy classes.

The Academy activities aim to help people to know themselves in depth, to transform their minds and hearts, to develop inner harmony and a higher level of consciousness.

The aspirants will gain all the knowledge, training and skills necessary to practice on their own in a systematic and effective way.

You will learn various methods, techniques and strategies

  • to develop the sattvic qualities and abilities of the mind and heart,
  • to free yourself from attachments, habits and programming of the mind and egoic tendencies,
  • to get in touch with your true Self (the divine essence) and to live consciously and Self-aware from moment to moment.

All this results in living more and more in the peace, fullness, love and happiness of your divine essence and oneness with all life.

Presentation of the Spiritual Academy

The Academy’s Classes

The Academy offers a 3-year program of classes for a comprehensive understanding of the teachings and a complete training in the methods of practices that accompany the teachings.

The knowledge and the training that is provided will help you live an authentic spiritual life, that is, to live consciously moment to moment, to achieve inner transformation, to become aware of your essence or true True Self and to live from the essence rather than the limited egoic body-mind self.

The Contents of Academy’s classes

The Academy offers education, classes, studies, practice and training on Non-duality, Self-knowledge, Spirituality, Holistic Spiritual Psychology, Yoga and Tantra.

The main content areas related to the Academy’s studies are summarized under the following headings

  • Fundamental concepts
  • The principles of Non-duality
  • Holistic Spiritual Psychology
  • Spiritual practice – Sadhana
  • The Advaita Atma Yoga method

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Registration to the Academy

To register at the Academy, or for any information about Academy, feel free to contact us through the contact form.

The method
Advaita Atma Yoga

Atman Nityananda founded and teaches in his Academy an holistic method of practice for inner transformation and awakening of Consciousness that is called Advaita Atma Yoga – The double approach.

Advaita Atma Yoga – The double approach is an holistic approach based on the principles of Advaita Vedanta and the main paths of Yoga, however, represents these ancient teachings in a way more digestible and comprehensible for the people of this modern age. It also includes practices that he himself has developed and practices of this era.

In this holistic approach to spirituality, self-knowledge and practice, all the necessary knowledge is provided,and methods are provided and a sattvic way of living is recommended so as to facilitate the transformation of our lower nature and the realization of our true Self (Divine Essence, Consciousness, Atman).

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