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The S.C.A.I.P. Method

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The S.C.A.I.P. Method

Course Online

Method for managing lower emotions and tendencies

Online Seminar
Duration 2 weekends (4 sessions of 3 hours)
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  1. The S.C.A.I.P. Method


Key elements of the method

Attention – Observation
Self-awareness – Acceptance – Self-inquiry

Attention, Accept,

Introduction to the method

The S.C.A.I.P. is a comprehensive method for living consciously in the moment and freeing oneself from the limitations of the mind and ego. The method includes a series of simple techniques that enable us to get in touch with or deepen the inner silence of Being, to consciously manage emotions and egoic tendencies (psychological programs and patterns, impulses, limiting thoughts, etc.). etc.), to avoid or stop identifying with them, to make them subside and weaken them… Then to maintain conscious contact with the inner silence and peace, freedom and fullness of the Being.

We can use the process and means suggested by the S.C.A.I.P. method whenever a pattern, an impulse, a tendency or an emotion manifests within us, draws our attention compulsively and makes us identify with it, seduces us, hooks into us and does not leave.

The S.C.A.I.P. method is applied more and more effectively as the level of Self-awareness and other sattvic abilities (discernment, attention, purity of tone, detachment, etc.) rises, we become skilled in mastering the various techniques involved in the method.

All of the above as they develop make us more and more capable of maintaining conscious awareness of the inner silent presence of Being, of consciously observing as neutral witnesses of what is happening in our psychological world.
Furthermore, to identify less and less with whatever arises within us, to become more and more aware (according to our abilities and circumstances) of the manifestation of thoughts, feelings and egoic tendencies, etc., to avoid identification with them or to stop them more easily if they occur, and to manage them in an effective way.


The S.C.A.I.P. method in synthesis

This method is a complete formula that helps us

  • to live consciously from moment to moment and in touch with the nsiopic presence of our divine nature (self-awareness),
  • to remain as witnesses of ourselves and to observe with awareness whatever arises in our psychological world
  • avoid or stop identifying with limiting psychological programs, habits, egoic tendencies and patterns (egoic tendencies, negative emotions, impulses, limiting thoughts, etc.),
  • managing all psychological situations in a systematic and effective way
  • to gradually weaken all restrictions, habits, tendencies, tendencies, identifications more and more
  • to maintain conscious contact with the inner silence, peace, freedom and fullness of being.


Steps in applying the method

Stop for a moment and withdraw our attention within

Self-awareness, contact and immersion in the silent inner space, in the inner silent presence of Being,

Acceptance of the situation, external and internal

Full attention and awareness of our psychological reaction,
Self-observation, conscious experiencing-observing with full attention to what we are experiencing

Self-inquiry, investigation (if the situation is inviolable) or use of some method to eliminate the identification and fascination that thoughts, feelings or impulses have on us

Disidentification, all of the above will bring us to the state of partial or complete disidentification from thoughts, feelings, impulses, etc.

Pacifying thoughts and emotions (to a great extent or completely) which results to mental and emotional calmness

Diminshing the emotional or egoic energy by the power of prayer and mantra

Abide on inner silence, peace and fullness of being.