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Programs of Advaita Atma Yoga Academy

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Lectures & Talks

Lectures and Talks on the teachings and practice of Non-Duality, Spirituality, Self-Knowledge and Yoga.

For live lectures and talks on YouTube and the Podcast channel, registration is not required unless requested for a specific lecture.

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Live lectures and talks (regular and causal) on YouTube and on Podcast channels as well as lectures in-person are posted on the Calendar page and announced on Facebook and Twitter.

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Meetings – Satsangs


Satsangs are encounters dedicated to our divine nature (Consciousness), which is eternal Freedom, Peace and Bliss- and also to spiritual practices for inner transformation and awakening of Consciousness.

The Satsangs are meant to help you make a detailed and deep inquiry into yourself, discern your true Self (Consciousness, Atman) from the apparent self (body, mind, ego) and become aware of your divine essence.

You have the opportunity to ask questions to clarify doubts about these topics or about anything related to your practice.

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Courses & Retreats

Advaita Atma Yoga Academy offers a variety of Courses, seminars and retreats that cover the most important themes related to spiritual life and practice.

They are a great opportunity to boost the motivation for inner life practice, enrich the knowledge and understanding on teachings and practice and delicate systematically time in inner transformation and development.

These events for the moment are realized though digital means. Online meetings although doesn’t allow a full energetic interchange between the attendances, minimizes amazingly the limitations of distance and time and other inconveniences and also the cost.

You can find a more analytical presentation of the forms that the Courses can take and a catalog of the offered by the Academy courses in the corresponding page.

You can find information about the contents of each course and also information about registration on the specific page of each course.

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Extended Course

Inner transformation &
Awakening of Consciousness


In this course you will receive knowledge, guidance and training on the essential topics of spirituality, the philosophy of non-duality, self-knowledge and spiritual practices.

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Classes of Advaita Atma Yoga Academy

The Academy offers education, classes, studies, practice and training of Non-dualitySelf-knowledge, Spirituality, Holistic Spiritual Psychology and Yoga.

Theory and practice of the holistic method of Advaita Atma Yoga – The double approach for inner transformation and awakening of Consciousness.

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