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The power of invoking the name of Christ

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

The power of invoking the name of Christ
Saint Simeon the New Theologian

You can invoke the name of Jesus Christ with the following mantra.

”Om Sri Jesus Christ Namaha

The spirits of the passions violently stir the abyss of the heart. But at the invocation of the Lord Jesus Christ they are annihilated and melt like wax.

St. Simeon the New Theologian

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

Source: Philokalia of the Holy Naptics. Volume E’



The Philokalia (Ancient Greek: φιλοκαλία, lit.‘love of the beautiful’, from φιλίαphilia “love” and κάλλοςkallos “beauty”) is “a collection of texts written between the 4th and 15th centuries by spiritual masters”[1] of the mysticalhesychast tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church. They were originally written for the guidance and instruction of monks in “the practice of the contemplative life”.[2] The collection was compiled in the 18th century by Nicodemus the Hagiorite and Macarius of Corinth based on the codices 472 (12th century), 605 (13th century), 476 (14th century), 628 (14th century) and 629 (15th century) from the library of the monastery of Vatopedi, Mount Athos.[3]