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Do you know this ?

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

Do you know this?
by Atman Nityananda 

Do you know this ?

  • Do you know that happiness does not depend on external objects, conditions and situations?
  • Do you know that happiness does not depend on sensory experiences and pleasures that happiness has nothing to do with pleasures, sensory experiences and success?
  • Do you know that happiness always comes from within?
  • Do you know that happiness is a vibrational state of mind, heart and consciousness?
  • Do you know that we experience happiness when our mind assumes its sattvic state and we are in contact with our Soul (consciously or unconsciously).

So, if we want to voluntarily experience everlasting happiness (bliss) then we have to cleanse our mind, heart and energy field of all low vibrational conditioning (rajasic and tamasic tendencies and energies)), convert it completely into sattva and consciously connect and establish ourselves in our Soul (silent present of Consciousness, Atman)

Happiness is experienced when the mind vibrates in sattva and we are in touch with our Soul”

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony