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Self-realization or liberation

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Self-realization or liberation. by Atman Nityananda

Self-realization or liberation is the complete disidentification from the instruments (body, mind, intellect, ego, causal body), and the realization that the nondual reality is our identity (what We really are). It is the cessation of the illusory perception that we are different and separate from the nondual reality, Consciousness (Brahman, Atman) created by the ego. That is the cessation of duality).

Liberation or Self-realization happens by the complete dissolution of the egoic tendencies,. desires and the ego itself and the equality of buddhi with the Consciousness due to its continuous identification with That (by meditation or Self-enquiry /Vichara).

Self-realization is also our establishment in our essence as the essence.

In the state of liberation, it is experienced, in all places and all circumstances, effortlessly and without a break the peace, bliss, plenitude and freedom eternal of our essential nature (Consciousness, Atman).