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The aspects of the ego

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The aspects of the ego in relation to the vehicles of our existence

The ego identifies with the body, mind, heart, senses and intellect (intelligence) and functions as:

  1. – The Physical Ego,
  2. – The Vital-emotional Ego,
  3. – The Mental Ego
  4. – The Intellectual Ego

 And by identifying with the ego, we respectively assume the roles of the:

1. Doer by identifying with the body,

2. Feeler, enjoyer and sufferer by identifying with the heart (external and internal),

3. Thinker by identifying with the mind and intellect,

4. Perceiver and Observer. By identifying with the body, senses, external mind (manas), intermediate mind (intellect or intelligence), and Consciousness we become the Perceiver and the Observer of sense objects and psychological structures.