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The mechanisms of desire 

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The mechanisms of desire 
by Atman Nityananda

 Desire manifests itself in various ways, which I call the mechanisms of desire. All the following psychological expressions are but modifications of desire itself and of its foundation, that is, of the rajas quality (Guna, –The Three Gunas).

  • Mechanism of moodiness. Desire provokes in us a sense of incompleteness, lack, dissatisfaction and uneasiness.
  • Impulse mechanism. Desire is expressed as an impulse that leads us to fulfil it.
  • Mechanism of seduction and pressure. Desire, to make us yield to it, seduces us by taking the form of a pleasurable sensation at the moment we imagine and think of the object of desire. When we resist or try to restrain the impulse of desire and avoid its realization, then desire, in order to make us yield and fulfill it, makes us suffer by assuming the form of a very unpleasant pressure that can also be torturing in cases of strong desire and attachment (addiction). It also happens that the desire assumes (in the twinkling of an eye) both, once its seductive form and immediately the form of pressure to make it even more difficult for us so that we cannot resist giving in to it.
  • Substitution mechanism. In case we cannot, for some reason, satisfy a desire (e.g., having sex pleasure), then the desire directs us to another pleasure to substitute the original one, for example, instead of sexual pleasure to have pleasure through a bar of chocolate.
  • Extension mechanism. It often happens that after having a pleasure, desire drives us to extend the pleasure by experiencing another type of pleasure. After having sexual pleasure, for example, we continue to have pleasure through a drink and then with a meal.
  • Anger mechanism. For whatever reason a desire is obstructed, desire takes the form of anger.
  • Mechanism of fear, insecurity and anxiety. Until the fulfilment of a desire, there is impatience, anxiety, worry, uneasiness, insecurity, and anguish. The same emotions are expressed about what we already possess and can lose. 
  • Mechanism of sadness. When a desire is not satisfied it eventually takes the form of frustration, sadness, grief, depression, etc.

True happpiness lies in our heart (centre of our existence)
and is beyond body, mind, desire and ego!

🌺 Peace, Love Harmony