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Walking Meditation

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

Walking Meditation
by Atman Nityananda

Walking is one of the best activities, we can use it as meditative practice. The ancient Greek philosophers, called walking meditation -Peripatitikos dialogismos (Περιπατητικός διαλογισμός).

You can do every day a walk, during which, you can concentrate on every step, repeating with each step a syllabus of the mantra (a mantra with a name of God or any other mantra you like) and at the same time, being aware of the inner silence. You can also do this, in every opportunity, every time you walk; for example, when you go for shopping to the supermarket or anywhere else. 

Instead of being lost in daydreaming, being distracted by external stimulus, or looking here and there aimsly, you can use walking, to develop a new positive habit, related to the mantra and self-awareness.

This habit will help you greatly, to remember repeat the mantra and the inner silence, which in its turn, it will help you, have quicker progress in your inner development and transformation.

If you do this every day, purposely, with interest and attention, in a few months (between 8 months and 12 months, or above, depending on the quality of your effort and the time you will devote to this practice) you will be create a positive habit.

In this habit, it is created an association between the movement of the legs, the repetition of the mantra and the awareness of inner silence as well. So, every time you begin to do your first one two steps (if you have already forgotten to repeat the mantra and be aware of the inner silence) you will immediately remember, to repeat the mantra and return in self-awareness (to be aware of the silent presence within).  

After about a year, of systematic practice, you will have create, another positive habit, a very a powerful tool, that will help you greatly, to remember to repeat the mantra and to remain aware of the silent presence within, as well as, to develop concentration, control of senses and mind, self-awareness, dispassion, detachment and mental purity. All these are fundamental factors that accelerate your inner development and transformation.

By creating many small, positive habits, that help us to remain more time and more steadily, alert, focused and aware of the inner silent presence, we will become more and more skillful and capable, not to identify with the external objects and situations, the mind (egoic tendencies, thoughts, emotions, impulses, desires, etc.), and to eliminate as well, little by little the egoic patterns and energies.

Thus, our mind and heart, they will become gradually more and more pure, transparent, serene and sattvic and we will experience more and more, harmony, peace, unity, freedom and happiness, in conscious communion with our true nature (Consciousness, Atman).