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The spirituality in essence!

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

The Spirituality in essence!
by Atman Nityananda

Spirituality is to live in peace, freedom, freedom, wholeness and happiness in conscious union with Being and unity with all and everything.

Plenitude, freedom, peace and bliss is a matter of high vibration and consciousness.

High vibration is acquired by externally contacting and feeding on high vibrations at all levels of our being (physical, energetic, sensory, emotional, emotional, mental, intellectual).

At the same time, avoiding or neutralizing low vibrations when we come in contact with them and cleansing them.

Cultivate and develop high vibrations internally through a variety of exercises and conscious contact with our inner Being.

And at the same time avoid cultivating low vibrations and eliminate the causes (egoic tendencies) that cause them.

Consciousness is developed and awakened by ceasing to identify with what we are not and living in conscious contact with our inner Being. A deep, stable connection with Being is the most effective means of raising our vibration.