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The end of suffering

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

 The end of suffering
by Atman Nityananda

If we want to free ourselves from suffering we must stop being dominated and deceived by the ego and dissolve it by sincere, diligent, unceasing practice and a sattvic life.

 We can achieve this first of all,  by focusing on the present moment do not allowing ourselves to be identified and carried away by the thoughts, emotions, desires and impulses that automatically arise in us and dissolve desires and emotions and egoic tendencies related to them. 

This can be achieved by being attentive and consciously aware of the silent presence of our Being (Consciousness) moment to moment using a variety of methods to maintain our attention and mind under control to remain Self-aware and observe ourselves, inquire our thoughts, emotions, etc. so that become aware of their illusory nature, diminish their fascination exert on us, appease them and dissolve them through prayer and a mantra of God’s name.

Complete dissolution of ego is achieved by realizing our true Self and establishing ourselves in the Self through deep Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

 A sattvic life and daily morning and evening meditation and Self-enquiry as well as other practices such as repetition of mantra,  pranayama, devotion, chanting mantras, study and reflection on spiritual teachings at home are the necessary foundation to successfully accomplish this endeavor.