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The recipe for true and lasting happiness

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

The recipe for true and lasting happiness
by Atman Nityananda

The recipe is very simple. A pure-sattvic mind that dwells in the heart where our divine essence constantly shines.

Our essence is timeless, always present here and now, immortal, imperishable, immutable, peaceful, free, full and blissful.

When our mind is immersed in it we experience the bliss that has no limits or dependencies. That is why no one and nothing in the world can steal or take away this happiness.

The thief of happiness is the lower rajasotamsic ego that is ingrained in our psyche. This multifaceted psychological thief creates a veil and prevents us from experiencing and radiating the undying bliss of the Soul.

That is why when we free our mind from the ego, this veil dissipates, the mind becomes pure-sattvic, diaphanous, transparent and lucid and we fully and interruptedly experience and radiate the perrene bliss.