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Methodology to make changes and achieve our goals

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Methodology to make changes and achieve our goals
by Atman Nityananda

In any case we want to make a change or achieve something, to succeed on it, it is crucial to follow a well-organized process such as the one suggested below. This step-by-step process can help us in a very effective way to decide an action plan by which we can get the results we aspire. It is very helpful to utilize in this process the following questions: What, Why, How, When, Where, Who.

The steps of making a change or achieving a goal

Investigation and evaluation of the present situation

• Analysis, investigation, understanding of the current situation. Investigation of the causes. What are the causes of our present state? (Psychological y external as well).

Goal setting

• Precise goal setting. What exactly do we want to change or achieve and for what purpose? It is also of great importance to evaluate and be aware of how important is this change or goal for us. How much is this related to our purpose of life and our values?

Investigating or exploring available capabilities, capacities, etc.

• In this step we investigate which are the resources, capabilities we already have or possess but also our weaknesses and what we lack.

Investigating possible options, solutions, methods, tools, strategy, plan, etc ..

• We explore and reflect on options or alternatives, means, methods and modes of action. A very important method is to sit quietly and meditate in order to find useful, effective ideas and solutions. We sit relaxed quietly letting the creative part of the mind to find any idea or possible solution. As the ideas arise into our mind, we do not judge or reject any of them. We just record all of them, even the most seemingly improbable ones. Their evaluation will be done in the next step.

• We also reflect for any possible help we can have or ask for.

Evaluation of ideas, solutions, methods, tools, etc.

• We evaluate all ideas and possible actions, methods, means and strategies.

• We reflect on any possible external and internal resistance and reaction.


• We organize and decide an action plan. We choose: means, methods, strategy, actions and make a schedule.


• Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the actions, means, methods, strategy.

Evaluation, reassessment, possible changes or radical change

• Evaluation of strategy, actions, means, methods and results. Reassessment, possible corrections or changes in the plan, if deemed necessary, according to the evaluation and the results so far brought by the strategy, the actions, the means and the methods chosen.

The need for correcting or changing methods, means or strategy means neither failure nor weakness. Everything we do and experience are opportunities to learn, improve and develop our skills and talents.

Important factors for achieving the goal

High motivation, commitment, consistency, stability, honesty, self-confidence, faith, patience, perseverance, courage, determination, will, optimism. Common sense, flexibility, adaptability, simplicity, practicality.