”Atman is a gifted teacher with a unique combination of sharp intellect, extensive knowldege and personal experience and great teaching skills. 

I feel extremely lucky to have met Atman and have him as my personal coach. He has helped me not only to understand and know myself, my emotional reactions, subconscious patterns, impulses and mind programming but also to heal my body and mantain a good health. 

Atman has a vast knowledge on how we work at all levels. Physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally. He had literally opened my eyes to my truth, to who I really am, what covers that, and how I can connect with the Silence within. 

I love the thing that although he has a vast theoretical knowledge, he’s extremely practical, his language is simple and his ideas crystal-clear, which makes even the most advanced  spritual concepts understandable by all. He has this unique ability to adapt and adjust to your needs, and to give you what you need at that moment.  

I would definetly recommend him to all types of spiritual aspirants, from beginners to advanced, and also to people who having troubles managing their emotions as he’s an expert on how our emotional being works.’

Eli Narayani, Writer