Curso Inteligencia Emocional

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Emotional Intelligence Course

Recognizing, being aware of, managing, understanding emotions, developing sattvic (harmonic) emotions and freeing oneself from lower emotions.

  • Course Contents: Read the contents below on this page.
  • Duration: The seminar has a duration of 20 Hours. It consists of 4 hours per week for 5 weeks.
  • PlaceOnline or in presence depending on the circumstances, See Calendar.
  • Date and TimeSee Calendar.
  • Language:.English, Spanish, Ελληνικά, See Calendar
  • Participants15 participants Maximum
  • Registration and Participation: See Calendar.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to learn about emotions.
  • Become able to manage their emotions and develop emotional intelligence
  • Those who want inner peace and harmony
  • Spiritual seekers and practitioners (of all levels) of spirituality, Self-knowledge, Non-duality and Yoga.
  • Spiritual teachers or instructors
  • Students of Psychology
  • Psychologists
  • Sport Psychologists
  • Αnybody who is interested in Psychology

Course Contents

Theory and Practice

Part I

  1. The essential Consciousness
  2. The mind
  3. The ego
  4. The Three qualities – Gunas
  5. The three Bioenergies – Doshas
  6. The emotions

Part II

  1. The three qualities (Gunas) and emotions
  2. The three Bioenergies (Doshas) and emotions
  3. Lower and Higher emotions
  4. Main aemotions
  5. Duality of emotions (Raga-Dvesha)
  6. Sensory perceptions and emotions
  7. Nurishment of emotions. Continous and periodical alimentation of emotions.The emotions need to be nourished periodically (like the body) by expressing themselves as reactions to external events or to their memory and also by seeking or creating suitable situations to express themselves.
  8. Thoughts and Emotions
  9. Beliefs and emotions
  10. Ego and emotions
  11. Desire and emotions
  12. Pride, reputation, Self-worth and emotions
  13. Need for acceptance, aproval, recognition, reward from others
  14. Association, projection and emotions
  15. Identifiacation and attachment to emotions
  16. Life situations and emotions
  17. Success and failure and emotions

Part III

  1. Avoiding negative or painful emotions
  2. Distraction as a means avoiding painfull emotions
  3. Repression and suppresion of emotions

Part IV

  1. Emotional intelligence
  2. Managment of emotions.
  3. Accepting negative or painful emotions

Part V

  1. Disidentifying and trascending emotions
  2. Copying with emotions moment to moment
  3. Meditation and emotions
  4. Breathing and emotions
  5. Music and emotions
  6. Mantra and emotions
  7. Self-awareness and emotions
  8. Our true Self (Consciousness) and emotions
  9. Mindfullnes and Self’observation of emotions
  10. Recognizing, identifying and accepting emotions
  11. Disidentifying and trascending emotions
  12. Non-identification and dettachement from emotions
  13. Self-enquiry and emotions
  14. Releasing negative emotional energy
  15. Dissolving negative emotional energy
  16. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  17. Discriminative enquiry of emotions
  18. Prayer and Mantras
  19. Positive or lumnous affirmations and emotions
  20. Visualzations and emotions
  21. Abandoning limited and false beliefs
  22. Fostering Self-worth and Self-confindence

Theory – Methodology – Practice




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