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The important objectives of the moment-to-moment inner work

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

The important objectives of the moment-to-moment inner work
by Atman Nityananda

  1. To be attentive, vigilant, Self-aware* (to be in conscious contact with the inner silence) and aware of our psychological world and the external happenings.
  2. Not allowing the senses to connect freely with what our ego wants or when we connect with some object, to observe it very attentively and inquire about it, or to reflect on the impermanence of objects and the transience of their experience.
  3. To notice and observe the egoic thoughts and tendencies that express themselves in us, (in the form of desire, impulse, negative emotion, lust, imagination, criticism, complaints, etc.). Identify their nature and purpose.
  4. Accepting external events and happenings to avoid compulsive reactions.
  5. To avoid identification and seduction of thoughts, emotions, impulses, desires, cravings, etc.
  6. To accept, not to judge and not to react to selfish tendencies, thoughts, emotions, impulses, desires that manifest in us.
  7. To connect as deeply as possible with inner silence to distance ourselves from tendencies and all kinds of psychological expressions.
  8. To be fully aware of the tendency (whatever it is, emotion, impulse, desire) and observe it with full attention, that is, fully and carefully feel the tendency.
  9. To use some method to pacify and diminish it. For example, inquiry, reflection, repetition of affirmations and mantra, prayer.
  10. Return to the mental-emotional calm and to the conscious contact of silence and inner peace, maintain it and deepen it as much as possible.
  11. Remain attentive, vigilant, Self-aware, witnessing all psychological, bodily and energetic reactions and external happenings.
  12. Control the senses. Not to allow the senses to connect freely with what our ego compulsively wants.

*To be attentive, vigilant, Self-aware: To maintain the state of vigilance, attentiveness and Self-awareness (to be in conscious contact with the inner silence), to deepen into the silence and purify the mind it will help us to repeat a mantra with the name of God (‘Om Nama Shivay’ for example) or affirmations of our true nature (‘I am Brahman’, Om Brahman’, or ‘I am Consciousness, Om Consciousness’, etc.).

To prevent our efforts from relaxing and diminishing, to avoid mechanically repeating the mantra or affirmation, and to remain attentive and aware of ourselves, and to deepen the silence, I reccomend to ask ourselves quite often: Am I aware at this moment of the inner silence? Am I experiencing inner peace here and now? Where is my attention now? To whom do these thoughts or emotions arise? To me. Who am I?

Living consciously moment to moment is essential for living in peace, freedom, love and plenitude and the awakening of Consciousness!

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

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