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Moment-to-moment practice – Aspects

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

The fundamental aspects of moment-to-moment practice
by Atman Nityananda

The fundamental aspects of moment-to-moment practice are:

Attentiveness, Self-awareness,. Self-observation, Acceptance, Non-attachment, Inquiry, Pacification, Liberation.

  1. Vigilance, being alert and attentive. To be attentive within ourselves and without.
  2. Control of the mind and senses.
  3. Self-awareness (conscious contact with the silent presence), using a mantra or another means. Maintain as much as we can firm and deep contact with the inner silence, the silent presence of Being and conscious living the peace, plenitude and freedom of Being.
  4. Witnessing, Self-observation. To remain as Witnesses of psychological states and observe them attentively (self-observation) without judging them negatively and avoiding any reaction towards them
  5. Acceptance of the moment, of whatever is happening in and out of us at any given moment. To recognize, accept and become fully aware of selfish tendencies, emotions and programming.
  6. To question anything that arises within us that is our choice or true.
  7. Non-identification. Avoid or stop identifying with egoic tendencies, thoughts, feelings, emotions, impulses and sensory impressions.
  8. Stop attraction, seduction and identification with egoic tendencies or emotions by using some form of inquiry or some other method.
  9. Pacifying or calming of emotions, impulses, desires, thoughts and vital energy. Returning the mind to the sattvic state and maintaining the sattvic state Nas much as we can.
  10. Elimination (diminish the energy) of egoic tendencies of any nature (desires, attachments, attachments, urges, impulses, urges, programming, negative feelings, weaknesses, etc.), through prayer, mantra and other means.
  11. To discern our true nature from anything that belongs to our apparent existence (thoughts, emotions, desires, impulses, physical and energetic reactions, body and ego).
  12. To remain in touch with and deepen into inner silent of Being. That is in touch with the peace, freedom and plenitude we Are!.

Living consciously moment to moment is essential for living in peace, freedom, love and plenitude and the awakening of Consciousness!

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

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