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Meditation by feeling the Body

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

Meditation by feeling the Body

Feeling the body is a simple way to detach from mind and thoughts and come to conscious attention and awareness, to the awareness that we exist and to the awareness of the silent presence within (which is our true nature, always peaceful, full, free and blissful).

Most of the day we identify with thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensory experiences. Identification occurs primarily through thoughts and includes “stealing” attention from the ego. And, no doubt, this identification with thoughts, as well as with feelings, emotions, impulses, fantasies and sensory impressions, is created by the ego itself.

One of the easiest and most effective ways of disidentifying (dissociating, distancing, detaching) from thoughts, gaining control of attention and becoming aware of the silent presence within, is to withdraw attention from the mind (thoughts, etc.) and direct it to the body. It is through the conscious perception of the body that we become aware of our existence (the feeling I exist) and of the silent presence within.

The process of disidentifying ourselves from thoughts (and anything else we are identified with) and becoming aware of the inner silence is quite simple and effortless.

We simply withdraw our attention from the mind and bring it to the body by consciously feeling our body. By feeling our body we get in touch with the feeling that we exist and with the silent presence within that is always present, peaceful and blissful, but we are not aware of it because of ignorance and the constant movement of the mind and our identification with the mind and sensory experiences.

Effortlessly directing attention

I have found through my experience that iwe can easily and effortlessly direct attention where we want it, using small sentences either in affirmation or in the form of a question. As soon as we think the sentence, our attention is effortlessly directed to where we are thinking and we become aware of what we want without any effort.

In this case I have chosen four sentences that will help us to dissociate from the mind and become aware of the silent presence within in the center of our being.

We can use the process I suggest below to do Sitting Meditation, and throughout the day to become aware of the silent presence within (Self-awareness) and stay in touch with the peace, the wholeness of your true nature.

Practicing this method at home will help us to apply it more easily and effectively during the day. I remind you that to obtain results with any method we decide to use, we need to practice it consistently and systematically until it becomes a strong habit, that it becomes like our second nature as Aristotle (Greek philosopher) said 2500 years ago.

Practical application

Say each phrase mentally and just feel.

“I feel the body” and feel the body,
“I feel that I exist” and feel that you exist,
“I feel the silence” and feel the silence,
“I remain in the silence” and remain in the silence.

The same can also be said as a question

Ask yourself
‘Can I feel my body?’ and just feel your body,
‘Can I feel that I exist? or that I am?’ and feel that you exist,
‘Can I feel the silence? And feel the silence,

With the last sentence we become aware of the inner silence and remain in it without further effort.

If our attention goes elsewhere, we go back to saying the first sentence, ‘Can I feel my body?‘ and get in touch with the body and continue with the remaining sentences until we are again in touch with the sense of being and the silent presence within.

Each time your attention wanders away, repeat the whole process starting with the first phrase, “Can I feel my body?” or “I feel my body” and continue with the rest of the phrases.

When you are aware of the silence and find yourself trying or striving to focus more on the silence, or striving to stay in touch with the silence, it will help you to relax to ask yourself the following question:
“Do I have to make any effort to feel or experience the silence?” or “Is it a question of making an effort to experience the silence?”

You can apply the same questions when you find yourself struggling to stay focused on the sense I am or I exist:
“Do I have to make any effort to feel or experience the sense I Exist?” or “Is it a question of making an effort to experience the sense I Exist?”

Remember that the recipe for success is constant daily practice, steadfast determination and willingness to achieve our goals, confidence, patience, perseverance and resilience in the face of difficulties.