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The most important aspects of the practice

🌺 Peace, Love, Harmony

The most important aspects of the practice
by Atman Nityananda

 1. Do not forget ourselves in the experience (psychological, physical, sensory). Remember to be aware of ourselves, the I am and inner silence.

 2. Remain aware of the ‘I am’ and the inner silence and witnesses and mindful observers of psychological, physical and sensory perceptions without resisting, judging and identifying with them and also with the sense of I (ego).

 3. Be alert in order to be aware of ego reactions and manifestations as soon as they arise to avoid identification with them and remain in Self-remembrance and not forget ourselves into the experience.

 4. Create small periods of no thinking and deepening and firmly focusing on inner silence and experiencing peace. Gradually increase the duration and frequency of these periods. The ultimate goal is to establish ourselves in the peaceful silent presence.

 5. Distinguish the inner silent space of awareness from thoughts, emotions, desires, impulses physical and energetic perceptions and most importantly from the sense of I and I Am and dwell in the silence.

 6. Separate through attention and discernment the emotions from thoughts as well as mental images, sensory perceptions, the body and the sense of Self. This will help us realize their illusory nature and stop identification with them as well as enter deeper into the silence.

 7. To inquire about thoughts, lower emotions, desires, and impulses to know them in-depth, to understand them and to stop identifying with them and being ruled by them. That is, to stop forgetting ourselves in them, to stop perceiving them as our choice and as ourselves, and to stop deciding and acting under their influence.

 8. Eliminate (reduce the energy) selfish tendencies of all types (defects, desires, lower emotions, etc.) through prayer, the name of God, and other methods.